Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We Made it to Singapore

Hey it’s Susanna again, and we are in Indonesia!!! It was a really long journey but safe. We flew out of SeaTac around 7:00 PM on June 19th, our flight was delayed some but that was all right since we had a long layover in San Francisco. Then from San Francisco we flew to Hong Kong. That was a super long flight. I would never wish 14 hours of being on an airplane on anyone! Then we flew to Singapore.

Singapore was amazing. In the afternoon we took a double decker tour bus with an open top down to the marina and rode on the giant Ferris wheel. It is near the water’s edge and very tall so we got a panoramic view of the city. It was absolutely beautiful. To one side was the ocean, full of huge ships. All around on land was buildings, everywhere they could fit them, and all different kinds.  

After the Ferris wheel we got back on the bus and took a very long route back to our hotel. It was awesome though because we got to see a lot of the city. The thing that struck me was how green it is. Trees line the streets, big green jungle-y things that bring so much color into the place. When we took the bus in the evening we could hear hundreds of birds chirping loudly above us on one street especially. Fortunately no one got splattered!

Singapore is filled with malls. In fact our hotel was connected to a mall and we ate at the food court. I think it’s because land is so expensive so they build the buildings really high and put all their stores in there. It was weird seeing grocery stores in the mall and not seeing stand-alone stores.

Yesterday we went to the zoo first thing. The Singapore Zoo is amazing. I can’t stop using that word! We didn’t have a lot of time and it’s a large zoo but we hustled and saw a lot of it. My personal favorite was the white tigers. They were absolutely gorgeous.  The funny thing was that they acted just like house cats do, sleepily yawning and walking around fuzzily after naps.

After the zoo we got our stuff from the hotel and headed for the airport.  The flight to Pekanbaru was only about 45 minutes so that was really nice. God is so good: everything went smoothly and quickly at immigration!  We have 28 people on the team so we all expected much more of a wait.

Please praise God with us that we had a safe journey and most of our things came along undamaged. Pray for the orphanage and the people of Indonesia, that their hearts will become open to God. Also pray for our team, that we would be courageous and strong in Christ. Thank you for supporting our team!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

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