Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pekanbaru Youth Project

Our Youth Group recently decided to do a service project where we put together 65 dinners to deliver to our security guards here on camp. They consisted of a main dish that is popular here that has fish or chicken along with fried rice. We then added cookies and water for them along with hand written notes thanking them for their service to us.

Funny story. We pre-ordered the meals on Friday to have them ready for Saturday evening. Having things get lost in translation here happens pretty often. Usually that happens between Westerners and Indonesians, not between Indonesians. Well we had one of our classroom aides order the meals so that there would be no problems with the communication. You can guess where this is going... So Friday night, what shows up at our house at 6 pm, but 65 meals. Kathi tried to explain that they were to be delivered the next day but to no avail. Since we had paid ahead of time we were stuck with them. Kathi and I ended up delivering them on Friday and then we ordered new ones for the kids to do the next day. I guess God figured two different shifts needed dinner.

Delivering dinners to the 65 security guards on camp.

Writing thank you notes to the security guards.

Kade enjoying youth group. He loves hanging out with the Junior High kids.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cleaning Up

Syd and some of the middle schoolers show off the trees that they planted.

A group picture at the Indonesian school.

Kade and his buddies give the thumbs up.

Some of the litter we were able to clean up.

Kathi helping one of her Kindergartners.

This cleanup is fun!

The after picture.

For Earth Week our school decided to do a service project with a local school. We purchased 20 trees, 2o large garbage cans and a lot of gloves in order to clean up a local school and the adjacent park. This is the first time our school has done something off camp with another school ever.

There is an Indonesian school system on camp but that is reserved for children of Chevron/BP MI. The school we partnered with is just outside of our main gate and we all drive by this park every time we head into the city. It is always covered in garbage as people do not use garbage cans here very often. As you can see in the picture we were able to get it cleaned up pretty well. We also have paid for the new garbage cans to be emptied by a sanitation company for the next year so we hope they are put to good use.

The kids worked really hard and it was great to get to work along side the Indonesian students. There were lots of smiles and excitement when were all working. It was funny because most of the Indonesian elementary kids did not pick up the trash but picked up the leaves and twigs and put those in the garbage bags. I guess a little more education on litter control is in order.

Shiver Me Timbers!

Last week was the Spring Play at ISR, titled, "Pirates." The kids made great pirates. As you can see Kade was really into it. It was a great show and we are proud of all three.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I have never been a big fan of bugs and spiders. Tonight this little visitor decided to say hello as I was getting into the fridge. It's never a good thing to see things scurry in Indonesia. It always means trouble. One thing I have learned while living in Indonesia is not to scream or panic. You have to stay cool as a cucumber. I think John was impressed that I did not lose it.

As much as I hate finding living things in the house Kade loves it. John caught our fridge pet and his new residence is in a Tupperware dish with a lid on it. Tomorrow Kade will take him school and share him with the kids at school. For a nine year old boy it doesn't get much better than that.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Please don't Squat!

I think signs in Asia are hysterical. I found this little beauty in Malaysia over spring break.