Friday, September 30, 2011

China -Take 3

Extra Passport Pages...Check
New Airline Tickets...Check
Hotels during the busiest time in Guangzhou, the trade fair...Check
Orphanage Visit....Check
Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets...Check
Hong Kong Hotel Reservations...Check
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Hotel...Check
FIVE CHINESE APPROVED VISAS...Check, Check, Double Check

It looks like we are finally going to make it to China. I am almost afraid to say that. But I know that all things work according to God's plan so with that I am looking forward to an amazing trip. We leave the afternoon of October 21st. We we will fly from Pekanbaru to Kuala Lumpur.

Catch the 8:30 pm flight to Guangzhou!

Anyone who has adopted from China knows exactly where this picture was taken. This is Shaiman Island much of the adoption paperwork is handled in this area! It is also the home of the famous "White Swan Hotel". The White Swan is where many adoptive parents stay. We stayed there in 2007. We will visit the island the morning of the 22nd.
The afternoon of the 22nd we have hired our friend Ann, from our first trip, to take us shopping. I am in search of two things I did not purchase on our first trip. White silk for Brooklyn's wedding day and a
bride and groom ceramic figurine that is made in Foshan. Foshan is her city where we believe she was born. I saw it on our first trip and have kicked myself everyday since for not buying it. I can't believe I wasn't keen on the idea of taking a screaming two year old into a ceramic shop. Where was my sense of adventure? ;0)
On the 23rd we will head to Foshan and spend the next two days exploring and visiting Brooklyn's orphanage. We are so excited to reconnect with the women that raised our Yoyo for the first two years. We are praying that Brooklyn's special Ayi will be able to come. When we visited the orphanage we promised her that we would one day bring her back and this will be our opportunity to keep that promise. It gives me chills just thinking about it.
The morning of the 25th we will hop on a train and travel from Foshan to Guangzhou then Guangzhou to Hong Kong.
What trip would be complete without a visit with our favorite mouse, Mickey?

We will spend two days with Mickey and than will hop back on the train and head back to Guangzhou. We fly from Guangzhou back to Kuala Lumpur. Do some shopping in KL on the 28th and than fly back to Pekanbaru on the 29th. I am exhausted just thinking about that crazy schedule. Make sure and check the blog that week because I will be posting LOTS of pictures and hopefully some video too.

This and That

That pretty much sums up our last month. We have no idea what the problem exactly is but all of Indonesia seems to be struggling.
Here is a quick look in pictures of what we have been up too.
Playing Dress-up!
Practicing our Princess Poises!
Working the Runway!
Hanging out with good friends
The Flu - Kade lying on the tile floor
Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

Peace Day at ISR

September 21st was not only my brother Steve's birthday but also Peace Day at ISR. The kids celebrated Peace Day by putting on a special assembly for the parents. This is Kade telling the audience about what peace day means to him. Sydney and her friend made 60 peace day cookies. They learned an important lesson about making butter cream icing. Low sodium is not the same as salt free. What cracked me up is the kids ate the cookies so fast they did not even notice the extra salt. Brooklyn loved them.
This is Brooklyn enjoying Peace day with her two buddies Ainsley and Teighan.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brooklyn Writing

One of the best things about teaching primary school is beginning writing. I absolutely love it. Here are just a few of Brooklyn's latest journal pages. Enjoy!

Gabi and Brooklyn playing in the snow.
(I love that everyone has ear muffs even the snowman and dog.)
I am going to the beach with my family. (John
is the the surfer and I am sitting in the beach chair! Check out John's Pecks!! HEE! HEE! )
I love China, unicorns, babies, noodles, rainbows, rabbits. When I asked Brooklyn what she is most excited about doing in China without hesitation she responded "EATING THE FOOD".
I love China because it is my favorite.
It warms my heart to know that she takes such pride in her birth country.
I love spaghetti. It is my favorite. SLUUUURP!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Water Park Fun

Last week was the end of Ramadan and Muslim around world were celebrating Idul Fitri, the breaking of fast. We enjoyed three days off from school relaxing and hanging out. On Tuesday, we decided it would be fun to try out a local water park.

The park was pretty empty because most people were celebrating Idul Fitri with their families. The low attendance at the park allowed us to enjoy the park without the paparazzi that typically trails us where ever we go. Being able to enjoy the park without stopping to take pictures all the time made the day enjoyable for everyone. Dedi, our school driver, and his daughter Rachel joined us for the day. It was Rachel’s first time being at the park.

Sydney and her friends Dylan and Marshall playing in the hamster ball.
The park

Shopping in PKU

Forget Maple Bars - How about a Chicken Sausage Danish?

Lately, it has been tough getting Western food. Just yesterday, cheddar cheese finally arrived at the Commissary and it sold out within a few hours. For a Costco size block of Cheddar Cheese we paid $50.00. I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of the crazy things that are consistently available.

Dried Fish
Let me tell you the smell of dried fish in 90 degree heat and 78% is an odor like no other.
Seaweed Chips, not exactly the Pringles flavor we were looking for.
Shrimp is another popular flavor that is easily available. It makes hungry, doesn't it.
3D art is big here.
They are just like the stickers that you turn slightly and the image jumps out at you. We found the verse from the Koran and the image of Jesus on the cross an interesting mix.
While shopping it is always comforting to see the Anti-terrorism signs.

BBQ Chicken Processed Cheese anyone?