Saturday, June 26, 2010


Brecka and Kade, two members of the "Half-Court Crushers."

Mariah and Sydney pose with their game faces painted on.
Syd, Mariah, and Payton taking in one of Kade's games.

Sydney and Kade participated in Hoopfest, the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the world. The tournament in Spokane, WA was host to 6,900 teams from grades 3 and up. Each team has 4 players. This year there were over 27,000 participants. It is an awesome sight to see. Sydney played with her good friends Payton and Mariah. They did well but ran into some tough teams. Sydney was sure excited to play competitively again. They went 1-2 in their bracket.

Kade played on a co-ed team with his buddy Brecka and some new friends. They lost their first game in overtime but ended up making the quarter finals by winning their next 3 games in a row. They lost to a very good team with two boys. Kade was the only boy on his team so he had to play the entire game, per the rules that you must have at least one boy and one girl on the court at all times. His team was very scrappy and played great.

We were very proud of both of them and are looking forward to next year!

Happy Birthday, Yoyo!

Brooklyn had her 5th Birthday party at our home the weekend we got back to Stanwood. She wanted a "Pink" birthday so that was an easy one to accommodate.

Dancing with the STARS

Brooklyn hanging out with Tinker Bell and Friends.
Brooklyn taught the Pixie's in Pixie Hollow a new dance. They were very impressed, or so I am told.
Sydney and Hannah dreaming of Driving for real.
Kade was so excited to see his buddy Jonah. They were like two peas in a pod.
Brooklyn and Micah give Chip a hug at Brooklyn's Birthday Breakfast.

We surprised the kids with a Limo ride from the Airport to the Hotel. It was the same price as getting a van from the Airport Shuttle service.

On the way home from Indonesia we made a stop over in Disneyland. It was a great way to get the kids and parents over jet lag. It forced us to stay awake and got us back on schedule. It is hard to fall asleep on "Californa Scream'in" or "Space Mountain." Our friends the Griersons met us there with their three children and we all had an awesome time. We really enjoyed getting to see some friendly faces while there.

Kade Star of the Week

Kade was the last Star of the Week for the school year at ISR. He was representing Washington with his Mariners jersey. He was very excited to talk about his hobbies and especially his dog, Ember.