Sunday, March 28, 2010

Animal Instincts

What a day! We decided to go to the Bali Safari Park with the Thayers. Many things in Indonesia as far as theme attractions go are not usually up to the standard of things we see in the West. This however was an exception. At the park we were able to go on a driving Safari where we were able to see animals in open enclosures from Indonesia, India and Africa. Several of our favorites were the orangutans, zebras, Sumatran tigers, African lions, and cheetahs. We were able to get within feet of them which is much closer than any zoo experience we have had. In other places around the park we were able to see several other animals including the Komodo Dragon and a white tiger, which were both a big hit with everyone. Surprisingly Brooklyn's favorite animal: the camel. Go figure?

The best part for all of us was getting to actually touch and take pictures with two endangered species: a baby Sumatran tiger and a baby orangutan. The park is working to conserve the natural habitat of these animals and earlier this year introduced two tigers into the wild in Sumatra through their breeding program. Being able to interact with these animals was so amazing. We were able to get pictures with all of the kids and they were both such sweet animals.

Our kids loved spending the day with the Thayers and it was so sad at the end of the evening when we had to say good-bye until the Summer. We are so happy they were able to visit us here. It is such a good feeling, seeing someone from home even if for a short time. It was such a boost to all of our spirits.
Brooklyn riding one of the amusement rides.
Kade gets a to spend some quality time with a baby orangutan.
Brooklyn and her Camel.
"Kid, if you think you are getting any of my fruit you are crazy."
Syd with her favorite animal the Sumatran Tiger.
I am so sleepy.
Brooklyn's favorite ride in the park was the water roller coaster.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hello, Thayers!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bali Day 4

Here is the photo I took of myself today! ENJOY!! Sorry, Alissa Schaffer, I know that toes creep you out! I will do my best to get a "Kathi" photo tomorrow. ;0)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bali Day 3

Brooklyn is a funny kid to figure out. She can swim in a kiddie pool like Michael Phelps. Head under the water using strokes is no problem. Once we get her in the real pool she freezes up and starts to freak out. She holds on to one of us tighter than Scroodge holds on to his money. We seem to have to desensitize her her fears one at a time. Well Kathi has worked hard with her on this issue this week. She now can swim a pretty good little distance all on her own and has started to even take breathes between strokes.

Breathe, Breathe

Again Dad, again.

Torpedos away.
Kade in the fountain.
These poolside snack bars are great! Ice Cream anyone?
Brooklyn's attempt at "being the fountain."

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well, we made it to Bali. It was kind of crazy trip. First we spent 45 minutes on the runway in Pekanbaru for some unknown reason. This was such a joy since we were flying on an Indonesian Airline called Lion Air. The planes are great. Brand new 737-900's. The problem is that they are set up for Indonesian people. No one over 5'8" need apply. My knees were in my chest the whole way so the extra 45 minutes was not exactly welcome. Then after we made our connection in Jakarta and finally get to Bali the airline has lost Brookyln's stroller and we have yet to hear from them.

The hotel is very nice with great rooms and very friendly staff. After some dinner we headed back to the rooms for bed. The problem arose when our air conditioner could not keep either room cold. We called this morning to ask if they could come and fix it. They came and we left for breakfast. While at breakfast we are asked to go and see the manager of the hotel after we eat. I head up to see him and he tells us that they cannot seem to get the AC working so he was wondering if he could upgrade us to a villa? I say, "Ah, Sure." and we then move to a private 2 story suite with teak wood floors, two wrap around full length balconies complete with a hammock, outside shower, and lounge chairs. This place is amazing. The Getzingers are not used to such high class living that is for sure! We will see what the rest of the week has in store for us.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do you hear the drums?

Star of the Week

Monday, March 15, 2010

Goodwill Games

On Monday we had a great cultural exchange with the Indonesian Nationals.  There are a few of us expats who have a weekly basketball game on Tuesday nights.  Often times we invite a few Indonesian players that one of the guys knows just to make sure we have enough to play full court.  Some of those players play in a mens league here in Rumbai.  They wanted to get together to play a goodwill game; expats vs. Rumbai Basketball Club.  

We thought that was a great idea so the Indonesian crew hired some refs and we got ready to rumble.  The game was played outdoors here on camp at some nice outdoor courts.  It was raining all day and so there was some fear that the game might have to be postponed.  Luckily it was psuedo dry for the game and only got a little unsafe at the end of the game.  

The Rumbai team was serious.  They had uniforms and everything!  They had about 12 players to our 8.  There were spectators for this so it was the real deal.  It has been awhile since any of us have played in front of a crowd.  It was a lot of fun to have a little competition in our lives again.  

The expats jumped out early and never looked back.  We won pretty handily (77-37) but it was really about enjoying each others company and getting together for a good time.  They had some good players who obviously play a lot.  We all really enjoyed the experience and we are planning on hosting a game at the school gym next month.  I can't wait.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Survivor Sumatra

Saturday was the Cub Scout Camp Out here in Rumbai. The Scout Coordinators did an amazing job setting up a "Survivor Sumatra" theme for the event. There were 5 challenges including the food challenge pictured below. Our Tribe, the Tiger-Monkey Cobras, was the overall winner of the competition and the boys won the coveted silly string 1st prize. Kade had a ball. If you had of told me a year ago I would be camping out in a jungle I would have said you were crazy. It was pretty cool going to sleep with the sounds of the jungle all around.

Marshmallows with Sambal (Hot Sauce). Tasty!

The Tiger-Monkey Cobra Tribe. Winners of Survior Sumatra!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Night Lights

This Friday was the wrap up to the flag football season here at ISR.  Friday Night Lights is a tradition here where the whole community comes out to enjoy a taste of Americana; complete with cheerleaders, college fight songs, announcers, and playing the big game under the lights.  This is such a big deal here that even people without kids or a connection to the school come out to support the players.

The first game pitted the 49ers versus the Steelers.  The 2nd-4th graders filled out the rosters of these two storied franchises.  Kade was a member of the Steelers.  After a hard fought back and fourth, the game ended in a 35-35 tie.  Since there was another game waiting in the wings overtime was not permitted.  A few highlights from Kade's night included him scoring two touchdowns and making quite a few tackles.  His most interesting highlight came after he scored his second touchdown and proceeded to do cartwheels back down the field.  Apparently the officials were looking the other way and he was not flagged for excessive celebration.

In the second game of the double header the defending Superbowl Champion Saints were taking on an upstart Cowboys team (You knew with all of the Texans here the Cowboys would be one of the team names).  These squads consisted of the 5th-7th graders.  Sydney was a member of the Cowboys.

The Saints jumped out to an early lead but after some back and forth scoring the Cowboys emerged victorious 35-21.  Sydney had some great tackles and scored a touchdown on a great 30 yard screen pass and scamper up the sidelines.  She also was heading into the endzone for a second touchdown when mysteriously her flag belt fell off, untouched, at the 5 yard line.  

The crowd had a great time watching the kids.  All of them played very hard and came out of it feeling like they had an opportunity show their stuff on the big stage.  It was quite a night.
Kade trying to guess where the next play is going.
Brooklyn cheers on Kade and Sydney.
Sydney and her friends after the game.

Brooklyn practicing her stunts.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kade!

This week Kade turned eight.  He had a great time at school where he handed out doughnuts to his classmates.  Kade really has matured in a lot of ways this year.  We are so blessed to have him for a son.

For dinner he wanted Pizza Hut Pizza so we had that delivered.  That is a real treat here. It is pretty good pizza too.  For dessert he said he would like either a chocolate or carrot cake. Kathi wrote all of this down and left it out for our cook to make.  The problem was that she listed it as:
1.  Chocolate Cake
2. Carrot Cake

She assumed that our cook would make whichever one was the easiest for her.  Well when we came home from school we found one chocolate cake and two carrot cakes.  We will all be walking extra this week to get rid of the excess calories.