Sunday, July 13, 2014

Orphanage fun and trip to the traditional market

We spent time most days at Insan Permata orphanage.  Our team really became close with the kids there.  They would sing and dance together and play games.  Each night the orphanage children would write notes or draw pictures for our kids and ours began doing that for them as well.  It was an ancient form of "texting."  That is apparently what happened before wifi and television.

We started a mural on the outside of the orphanage which we will get up a final picture of soon.  It had about an hour left of work that our friend, Justine, will finish up in the next week or so.  It looks very good.  Jimmy cleaned out some pretty icky ears and we found that the children at the orphanage have some real dental problems.  We are working to get those taken care of by local dentists.  We are hopeful that we can get all of the those cavities taken care of in the next month. 

The bond our kids made with the orphans was so amazing to see.  They truly care for one another and through the miracle of the internet, every once in a while they will get to communicate with them.  This is a pretty special thing that means these relationships can continue to be cultivated. 

Check farther down to the post to see the local market.

The local market we took the students to called Pasar Bawa.  It is a cramped underground market that is full of interesting merchandise and even more interesting smells.  Some good, some, not so much.  This market has everything from fabric for clothing and drapery to rugs, t-shirts, jewelry and who can forget the raw food including: fruits, vegetables, spices and fresh fish.  When we go here we get a lot of attention with everyone asking us where we are from and sneaking up to get a picture.  The heat and smells really gave the kids a great perspective of what many Indonesians experience on a daily basis.  The kids did quite enjoy the t-shirt stalls where they picked up some great souvenirs to take home with them.

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