Friday, June 26, 2015

Yesterday afternoon we headed to an orphanage that the team visited once before last year. It was a bit longer of a drive into a more rural part of the country. The countryside was absolutely beautiful, lush and green like we only have in the spring back home. When we walked up to the orphanage we were warmly greeted by a crowd of smiling faces. All of the little kids grabbed our hands and pulled them to their foreheads, their form of a handshake kinda. It was really sweet.
     We entered the building, a large church with yellowed stain glass windows and lazy fans. The kids got out their plastic patio chairs and set them out facing us. Then the kids sang to us several loud, lively, and loudly songs in Bahasa. The joy in their faces struck me, they clapped and raised their arms, just so happy. It was so amazing to see people of all different kinds praising the same God together, in different languages and different styles, but still the same wonderful God.

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