Saturday, September 12, 2009

Monkey Invasion

This weekend we had a troupe of Pigtailed Macaques visit our house. They were all over the house, literally. They came right up to the windows and quite a few climbed up our trees and jumped on the roof. While we were cautiously stepping out of the front door to take pictures the little guy in the second picture kept trying to show how tough he was and faux charge at Kathi and I. One of them even came and slapped our kitchen window. The third picture is of one of the monkeys who jumped up on the roof. He kept sticking his head over the side of our entryway covering our front door trying to check us out. It was really cool to be this close to them (about 5 feet) but a little scary if one decided we were invading their space.

The rest of the weekend was very nice as well. Sydney went to a party at a house outside of camp. One of the families who send their twins to our school and live in Pekanbaru had a bunch of the middle schoolers over. She had a ball getting to see their house and see their twelve turtles. We had a surprise 40th birthday party for one of the teachers. He was clueless so it was pretty neat. Today we took the family to the pool and spent a couple of hours swimming. All of our pool equipment came in the shipment so a blow up raft and orca along with snorkel gear were tried out for the first time. The kids loved it.

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Sheri said...

Well, faux charge or not, that guy in picture #2 is not someone I would want to get in the way of--seems a little like the raccoons on the deck--really cool as long as I have that sliding glass door between us. The party and pool sound like more all are certainly making some fabulous memories..glad you are enjoying it and allowing us to do the same, even if far removed.Thanks for taking the time to share.